Pipsticks April 2016

Pipsticks is a subscription envelope for those who LOVE stickers. They’re a company founded with the idea that the little things can make a difference- in this case, the little thing is an envelope filled with their favorite and cutest stickers, mailed to you each month with care. Pipsticks offers enveloped for both Kids and Adults, and each subscription starts at just $9.95 a month for the petite and $14.95 a month for the regular. Here is what we had this month:

an envelope of fancy stickers

pipsticks envelope april 2016

Here’s the first opening, as you can see, they included a handwritten note in my envelope. I love the personal touch!
  Here is the second wave of stickers I opened up- I like the French winter theme. I’ve never been to Paris, but these stickers still remind me of what I imagine it to be like in late Fall.   The Third wave. These are the smaller accent stickers- perfect to brighten up any note or letter you’ve to to write to someone. Pipsticks does a really great job of making sure that you can have your best foot forward.
  This was my favorite item in this month’s subscription. I really love the gold design- it seems so regal to me. It’s almost like something you’d want to frame!

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