Our Little Roots April 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to get into gardening but didn’t know where to start, Our Little Roots ins the perfect gardening subscription box for you.  Every month, they will send you all you need to add to your organic garden. They ship you a new pack of seeds with all that is needed for it to flourish. They help you save time and money by consolidating the process. If you buy 12 months, it evens out to $9.50 a month- if you go month-to-month, it prices out at $11.95 a month. Shipping is free in the United States. Here’s what was in this month!


The box got a little rain damage on it- no worries! I kind of like how it looks. Adds to the natural appeal. It didn’t impact the contents of inside the box, either.


Here’s how it looks inside. This is the potting implement they included. You put the seeds in there and let it rip!

In this month, they included a blue lake bean plant. They also include helpful info about how to grow the plant. This box is very simple and straightforward and I like that. They set out to help people start their own organic gardens and I think they really succeed at that. 

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