Kitchen Table Passport April 2016

Kitchen Table Passport is a cool new business that aims to take your kitchen and place it in foreign countries. Or, probably more accurately, take other countries and place them in your kitchen. They give you a meal to create, a run down about the country, some momentos, and a stack of informational cards about the country. This month’s country was the Czech Republic.

Here’s a look at the box when I first opened it: It’s a smallish box, weighing less than 7 ounces, and is filled with a handful of items.

This is the food that they’re teaching me to cook. It’s a Czech delicacy known as Spanelsky Ptacek, which translates to Spanish Birds.

Kitchen Table Passport offers two sizes- in the larger size, you get a bag full of momentos. The momentos this month were some stamps, a glass bracelet, and a glass nail file.

They included some authentic Czech spices in a small black baggie.

The meat of this box is in the info they share with you. As  you can see, its pretty intensive, with 10-15 cards that explain about the region, how to cool the meal you’re preparing, and lots of really neat info about the country itself. 

Kitchen Table Passport is located in Austin, TX and costs approx $25/month.


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